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Lian Hin Releases LH Quartz Special Edition

Homegrown company Lian Hin recently expanded its stable of engineered quartz with the LH Quartz Special Edition collection

Homegrown company Lian Hin recently expanded LH Quartz’s stable of engineered quartz with the LH Quartz Special Edition collection, giving you more options when choosing the right surface for your countertops, kitchen tops and vanity tops.

LH Quartz Special Edition is made up of a series of quartz with “special effects”, making them a unique addition to the existing collection under LH Quartz. The 15 models in this special series boast beautiful patterns and rich veins, replicating the natural look of marble and granite. Regular quartz are more homogenous in terms of appearance, and typically have a clean and contemporary look. The Special Edition collection is set to offer homeowners and designers the opportunity to have the beauty of natural stones like marble and granite, but with the added characteristics of quartz. Being man-made, quartz is scratch resistant, stain resistant, anti-bacterial and non-porous, making them ideal for use as countertops, kitchen tops and even bathroom vanity tops.

The LH Quartz Special Edition is also NSF certified, meaning that they are safe for food preparation. They are also Greenguard Certified, which means they are designed for use in indoor spaces as they meet strict chemical emissions limits, which can contribute to the creation of healthier interiors.


To coincide with the launch of the Special Edition, Lian Hin is also introducing a new rack to be displayed at interior designers’ showrooms around Singapore. The rack holds selected models from LH Granite, LH Marble and LH Quartz, known as the Classy Series. This new rack will also include the 15 models from the LH Quartz Special Edition, including the granite-like Concha and marble-like Marron Imperial.

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