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M Atelier

Established: 2018

M Atelier

Profile image: Megan Zhang, Director
Location: National Museum of Singapore. The historical building is the perfect embodiment of a timeless design, which Megan aims to convey through all her designs. She is a firm believer that a good design should stand the test of time, just like the museum itself.

Design philosophy:
Form should follow function, which is why I don’t believe in following trends. Interior design is all about creating tailored spatial experiences that strike the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. Therefore, I take a problem solving approach with every project.

I’m inspired by a lot of things that I encounter. New building materials, new products and new technology get me excited. Whenever possible, I take the opportunity to explore and experiment with them; sometimes even incorporate them into my designs.

Passion for design:
The gratitude and smiles on my clients’ faces bring me the greatest satisfaction. It is this feel-good factor that makes me continue doing what I do each day.

“A good design should be able to communicate emotively as much as it improves one’s life.” – Megan Zhang, Director

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