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A tiny apartment with a big personality

Bespoke carpentry works and a modern luxe material ensemble by Joey Khu ID turn this petite condominium unit into a spacious and sophisticated bachelor’s pad.

Upscale twin houses in India connect via a central courtyard

This posh, contemporary residential estate by Studio Lotus is a master stroke in architectural ingenuity and exquisite, yet homely interior design.

Wood, marble and muted colours give this home a luxe factor

Free Space Intent designs an apartment in the Trilight by balancing order and chaos; where shades of muted tones meet dramatic patterns in a curated manner.

Resale flat gets a modern resort makeover with a Hollywood-style makeup studio

This resale flat undergoes a massive transformation to meet a young couple’s work needs, hobbies and personal preferences.

This luxury penthouse in New Delhi is the epitome of upscale eclecticism

Architecture Discipline strikes the perfect balance between playful flamboyance and subtle refinement in this New Delhi residence.

Achieving an understated elegance in a small flat

Joey Khu ID balances the use of darker hues in this compact unit with mirrors, seamless design features and sleek lines to maintain a spacious feel.

A condo inspired by upscale European hotels

White Italian marble and golden borders dominate this polished apartment by Black N White Haus.

This house has an entertainment deck accesible only via the guest room

Sporting interesting circular motifs and sleek finishes, this semi-detached house by Lux Design is a picture of modern luxury with a very desirable guest room.

Autumn-inspired luxury in a three-generation family home

Taking cues from feng shui and the elements of nature, JPA Design crafted a warm, yet luxurious home for a prominent family of five.

Hide rugs: The key to effortlessly transform your interiors

Monochrome geometrics, laser-etched designs and chic, shimmering metallics; The Cinnamon Room has a hide rug for every space and mood in your home.