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JX Design

Established: 2010

Profile image: Goh Cheah Sheh, Creative Director
Location: Designer’s home studio. Cheah Sheh loves working in his home office. This is where he gets much of his creative thinking done.

Design philosophy:
I strive to tell a unique story with each project. Every site and design brief is different and it’s always fun to play around with different possibilities.

Design approach:
For every project I do, I aim to create harmony and balance through the use of colour, material, and in the overall design language.

Most interesting projects to date:
It’s got to be the Cosmoprof Academy (a commercial project), and a barn-inspired 5-room HDB flat with unique rooms.

Greatest enjoyment as a designer:
Always having the opportunity to explore new design solutions.

“I’m inspired by George Lucas. He’s a highly creative filmmaker and a great storyteller.” – Goh Cheah Sheh, Creative Director

jxdesign.cs@gmail.com / (65) 8383 6322 (by appointment only) / Home office @ Segar Vale

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