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Intermod Space

Established: 2009

Intermod Space

Profile image: Dale Le, CEO and Founder; Jack Chan, Co-Founder
Location: Intermod Space’s materials library. Intermod Space was formed by the alliance of an interior designer and a carpenter, and the materials library is a shared space used by both companies and is therefore symbolic of the synergistic collaboration between the two partners.

Design philosophy:
Every interior designer brings a unique approach to design, each shaped by their individual values, beliefs, experiences and culture. One designer may have the philosophy that a space must be pure; another may embrace the view that a space should be a vibrant canvas of human experience. We accept these opposing philosophies and every variant across the broad spectrum of design because we embrace the diversity of aesthetics in interior design.

Inspiration is everywhere; from the works of other designers to the blooms and leaves of an evening walk. One never knows where or when inspiration strikes so we are always open to ideas.

Passion for design:
Some of us love the human interaction with clients, some of us love the fact that every project is different and never gets boring, and some of us love the lifestyle or creative aspects of the job.

“What we love most about interior design is that
it is a career that offers freedom to have a contrarian lifestyle
and many opportunities to be wildly creative.”
– Dale Aiden Le Tian, CEO

Logo Intermod Space

hello@intermodspace.com / (65) 9144 5713 / www.intermodspace.com / 184 Woodlands Industrial Park E5, Level Two, Singapore 757514

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