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Clever ways to maximise your space

See how The Design Abode reconfigures an old apartment’s floor plan to improve the quality of life for its residents and create a more efficient use of space.

Text by Redzman Rahmat

In this newly privatised HUDC flat, design studio The Design Abode reworked the floor plan and reconfigured the rooms to make the home more suitable for modern day living. The biggest concern about this home lies in its original layout. The living room has a prime view of the adjacent MacRitchie Reservoir and its surrounding greenery. However, the dining room, which is the other communal space, faces the opposite side.

The Design Abode decided to make some major changes to the spatial configuration, giving priority to the communal areas and paying attention to the inherent flow of space. In one of the major changes, the dining room was swapped with one of the bedrooms, ensuring that its new location affords it a view to the reservoir outside. The result is a joint space between the living and dining rooms, with a panoramic view of the reservoir.

Several quality of life changes helped to make this home more fluid and space efficient. For example, the kitchen entrance now opens out to the living room. With this new floor plan, there is a more coherent flow from the kitchen to the living room, dining room and eventually, to the bedrooms.

The space where the dining room sits used to be a bedroom. The designers knocked away the dividing wall to make way for a shared living and dining space.

Another structural column stands next to the window between the living and dining room. The designers incorporated it into the design by introducing a built-in lounge.

By extending the wall, the designers were able to build a walk-in wardrobe and vanity counter.

Removing a wall in the living room left a structural column in clear view in front of the kitchen. This obstacle has been turned into a kitchen serving counter that stands subtly between the living and dining room.

The Design Abode


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