8 Clever ways to make a small home feel big

Check out these 8 ingenious ideas that can help any home feel look and feel bigger than it is

8 Clever ways to make a small home feel big

Most people in capital cities around the world understand that cosmopolitan living usually means having to live in a small space. And with the cost of living constantly on the rise, buying big is out of the question for most of us. Just because this is your reality, doesn’t mean you have to walk sideways to live in your small home. Check out these 8 ingenious ideas that can work in any home to enlarge your rooms and double your living space. By Deborah Jane Goon

1. Replace regular doors with sliding doors

Wee-Studio_Martin-Residences_4Interior design by Wee Studio

Sliding doors are a really good invention and can work wonders in even the tiniest of homes. Instead of actual walls that box in a home, sliding doors can be used to demarcate areas allowing you to create an open concept when necessary or close up the space when required. This studio apartment designed by Wee Studio uses this ingenious method to separate the bedroom from the rest of the petite home. Sliding doors ensure the homeowners can still entertain friends at home without having their bedroom in full view of visitors. Sliding doors are also a great alternative to conventional wardrobe doors in a small space since the extra room is not required for doors to swing open. Choosing mirrored sliding doors in any room will instantly add an element of space and can help to distribute natural light better – which works amazingly well to expand a small home too.

2. Customised built-in furniture makes full use of every inch of space

646Interior design by D’Planner

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large home, having adequate storage can really make or break your space. Custom made storage that keeps in consideration the amount of personal belongings, the type of belongings and gives priority to oversized items as well, can really go a long way in organising your home for a hassle-free space. Having a combination of open and closed storage can also be a true godsend and if designed well can work perfectly to create a harmonious home, especially if you love displaying your collectibles.


3. Using mirrors can visually double the size of the room

372Interior design by Linear Space Concepts

Everyone knows that mirrors are one of the easiest ways to create an added element of space but not everyone does it well. Mirrors not only trick the eye but also work to maximise light flow so your home will immediately be enlarged. Opt for one entire wall covered in mirrors for maximum impact. You can also use smokey mirrors for a more subtle take or create a mirror feature wall with a coloured insert as seen in this home designed by Linear Space Concepts. The great thing about mirrors is you can simply add on in your home where necessary without the need for major renovation works. Choose a large framed mirror and place this in the foyer or in a dining room to double your volume of perceived space.


4. The right colour scheme can make a room feel larger

JOW-Architects_Lookbox-(250714)10659Interior design by JOW Architects

Whoever said that you have to live in a clinical, all-white space in order to make your home feel more spacious has lost the plot. Colours, when used sparingly and efficiently, can liven up a room and can also work in your favour to make the space seem bigger. Take this nursery in a home designed by JOW Architects for instance; cheery yellow is splashed on two walls but limited to the lower portion only. The top portion of the walls was continued in white. This subtle application of colour creates a versatile space that the baby can grow and flourish in without boxing in the room. Wall shelves in the room also lead the eye up and provide display and storage space for this little boy.


5. Glass walls prevent your home from looking too boxed in

Dotsntots_bto_ghimmohlink_5Interior design by Dots ‘N’ Tots

Using glass walls within an interior space is one of the smartest tricks to expand a home. Glass walls allow you to create clear boundaries while still allowing natural light to flow through. More importantly, contrary to popular belief, glass can be used throughout the home. Use glass in a guest room, bedroom, study, kitchen or even in a bathroom. If however you feel like you would need extra privacy, curtains or blinds installed along the length of the glass wall can be the perfect fix. When used to define a kitchen space, glass walls work perfectly as this can help to keep cooking fumes from wafting throughout the home.


6. Glass furniture can lift the mood of a space

148Interior design by Chew Interior 

There’s something distinctly beautiful about glass furniture. Not only is it elegant and classy, glass pieces have the incredible ability to provide functionality without cluttering a space. Take this dining room designed by Chew Interior for instance. A clear glass dining table is coupled with ghost chairs for a stylish space that the homeowners can enjoy. It may be a small corner of the home, but these transparent furniture pieces help to open up the space. Complement this with cushions for a picture perfect, comfortable dining experience that you can change around whenever you choose. For maximum impact, smokey mirrors on the wall add a dramatic finish.


7. Avoid bulky furniture that can fill up a small space


Just as bulky furniture that is too large for your rooms will make your home feel small and over filled, armless pieces will do the opposite. Choose a sofa without arms or occasional pieces such as an armless accent chair to add seating space. You’ll be amazed at how much difference a single armless chair can make in your home. This rule works in a dining space as well. Opt for a dining table with bench seating rather than tall dining chairs and you’ll see an instant point of difference, without sacrificing on functional space.


8. Utilise the height of the room to free up floor space

Unimax_Sky 07Interior design by Unimax Creative

What do you do when you’ve got a tiny bedroom and need to create a timeless kids space? You build upwards, of course. This small bedroom has been cleverly transformed into a kid’s dream hideaway with a custom designed loft bed and ladder. This allows the bottom area to be used as a study and play space; and when necessary can host friends who might stay the night. The versatile space has also been specifically designed in timeless monochromes so it can grow with the child over the years.


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