5 tips for throwing a dinner party

Create the right atmosphere at home for a dinner party your guests will remember

5 tips for throwing a dinner party

Prepping to host a dinner party at home goes beyond cooking. The food is of course important, but having the right atmosphere can change the mood and ambience for your guests.

Here are 5 different ways to give your humble abode a little makeover for a great dinner party!

By Snezana Krdzic

1)    Have A Stylish Flower Centerpiece

1Image courtesy of Design Mag

Try decorating your dining table with flower arrangements. It will add life and colour to your table. If you’ve got a theme, you can match the flowers to the theme!

2)    Decorate Your Basics

2Image courtesy of Style At Home

Although special events require special dinnerware, that’s not to say that you need to spend money on a brand-new dining set. You can elevate your day-to-day pieces by dressing them with a napkin ring or other details. Always stick to one colour palette for a chic and clean look.

3)    Put Out A Dessert Stand for Delicious Treats


Give your guests something to talk about – there’s always one moment in any dinner party, make it dessert! Whatever your dessert may be, use a fun or elegant dessert stand to showcase your beautiful dessert and make a great last impression.

4)    Style the Balcony

192Design by Plush Living

Don’t forget the outdoors too. If you’ve got a balcony, utilise the space and decorate it. You can go for the festival, boho look with fairy lights and luscious green plants. Or alternatively keep it simple with a couple of seats and a range of garden plants.

5)    Bring Out A Unique Wine Decanter

5Image courtesy of Wine World

A dinner party shouldn’t be like your everyday dinner. Although it may be perfectly alright for you to pour red wine out the bottle any other day of the week, you should go the extra mile for your guests. There are some truly elegant and unique wine decanters to choose from. Try using a decanter at your next dinner party for aesthetics and of course, taste purposes.

These are the most effective ways to decorate your party and set it up for success. Ambience is everything, so don’t be afraid to get creative and think of the little details. The special and unique details will make your dinner party memorable.


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