5 Homes That Do Right With White

These Singapore homes prove that an all-white interior doesn’t have to be boring

5 Homes That Do Right With White

Let’s face it, most Singaporean homeowners play it safe when it comes to choosing colours for their homes. Clean, pristine walls, ceilings and floors are common sights, whether you live in an HDB, condo apartment or a landed house. But how do we stick to a white colour scheme without leaving the home looking bland and lifeless? Here are 5 examples of white done right.

Magic with Monochrome
Unimax_Sky 01

Design by Unimax Creative

This 4-bedroom apartment at SKY11 condominium cleverly uses black and white as the basis of its interior design, to great effect! Instead of boring white walls, the designers covered the walls with eye-catching white shelves. Even the bedrooms and bathrooms look stylishly contemporary with classic monochrome colours.

Monochrome Magic by Unimax Creative


White and Bright

Design by Three-D Conceptwerke

An all-white interior works exceptionally well with an airy, open-concept home. In this 3-room flat, the large windows and open layout combine to result in a strikingly relaxing home. To bring a twist to the space, the designer introduced retro influences.

New Old-School by Three-D Conceptwerke


Total White Out

Design by Linear Space Concepts

This bachelor pad is bright and white; a winning combination in any home. But instead of a single, boring shade of white, the designer layered different shades of off-white (including the furniture) to create a more textured look in this apartment.

Mellow Domain by Linear Space Concepts


Colour Contrast

Design by Design Rebirth

There’s no arguing that an all-white interior can sometimes look a bit boring. In this condo apartment however, the designer contrasted the white rooms with a large, dark and smokey grey colours. We especially love the black wall in the living room – a stark contrast to the clean white home.

The Hushed Life by Design Rebirth



Art and Accessory 


Design by Northwest Interior

Even black-and-white homes can come across as harsh and cold. The best way to beat this, as seen in this home, is to accessorise with the right details. Wall art, indoor plants, and even lights can make your space feel more homely and welcoming.

Black and White Symphony by Northwest Interior



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