4 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

We take a look at how the bathroom of the future will affect the Singapore interior design scene and how you can upgrade your bathroom

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

You might think that the bathroom design hasn’t changed in the last ten years. After all, it’s still a room where function trumps form. But you might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of exciting bathroom innovations, and these are reflected in trends from around the world. We take a look at how the bathroom of the future will affect the Singapore interior design scene and how you can upgrade your bathroom.


Keep it Streamlined


The biggest change you can make is to keep the bathroom clean and streamlined. Get rid of bulky sanitary ware, hide the unsightly plumbing and take inspiration from the design of bathrooms in boutique hotels. You can easily replace your toilet bowl with a WC that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Gone are the huge, space-hogging plumbing behind the toilet bowl. The Geberit Monolith series conceals all working parts in its slim glass and metal housing, resulting in a clean and minimalist look that barely takes up any space. The Monolith series is available for the WC and washbasins, so you can easily design your own sleek and seamless bathroom.


Don’t be Restricted by Your Layout


In smaller bathrooms, or bathrooms that have tight layouts, you might feel like you don’t have much say in how you configure the space. Generally, you know where the toilet should be, where to place the washbasin, and where the shower needs to be. But the bathroom of the future is more flexible than you think. Rethink the spatial alignment of your bathroom: will it make more sense to move the toilet? Should you reposition the bathroom entrance? Do you really need such a large space to take a shower?

One way you can break out of the confinement of space is to reposition your toilet’s flushing system. The Geberit remote flush actuation frees us up when it comes to the layout and spatial configuration of the bathroom. Instead of being in the predictable spot directly behind the toilet bowl, the flushing system can be remotely controlled up to 2-metres away from the cistern. Place it somewhere more convenient, like next to the washbasin or the wall adjacent to the toilet bowl, for example. It doesn’t hurt that the Geberit Remote Flush Actuator is compact and comes in a variety of designs and material choices.


Keep the Curves


Let’s face it. The bathroom has always been regarded as the most functional spot of the home. But more homeowners are realising that the functional doesn’t have to mean boring. Keep the look interesting with sensual curves in the sanitary ware. Don’t be afraid to try out an unconventionally shaped wash basin, WC or bathtub, to shake up the look of the room. The bathoom is after all, supposed to be a place where you will feel relaxed and tranquil


Leave It In The Open


Recent trends prove that the bathroom of the future will be open and free. Open layouts, clear glass walls and doorless entryways will soon be the norm. But for the modest, you can tone down the trend with an open shower system; this helps to free up the bathroom space and makes it feel larger and freer.

One of the tricks to have an open bathroom is to keep the floor even. With no steps, dips or troughs, your bathroom will look seamlessly flat and minimalist. Make sure you install the proper drainage system, like the Geberit CleanLine shower channel (pictured above) which is a sleek and subtle way to drain water without disturbing the level floor.

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