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Modern touches for a luxurious looking apartment

This apartment jazzes up practicality with mirrors, glossy surfaces and bold features.

Home Type: Four-bedroom condominium apartment

Floor Area: 1,500sqft

Text by Rossara Jamil

Among the many considerations that go into the design of a space are the occupants’ lifestyle, storage needs and tastes. The number of people living in the home is also a major factor. For this family of seven, home is a 1,500sqft condominium apartment with four bedrooms. Besides catering to their lifestyle and storage needs, the homeowner’s brief for Home for Life Associates was to have a unique and luxurious looking home, and for white to be the dominant colour.


One of the first things that greet you as you enter the home is the feature wall. Consisting of white laminate panels with long horizontal strips of mirror, it draws the eye towards the dining and living areas. In various areas, the design team also used polished surfaces liberally to elevate the look of the space. These include the chrome chairs and mirror panels in the dining area, as well as the bevelled mirror feature in the living area.


Fronting the living area is a suspended feature wall. The television is framed with white laminated panels that hide storage solutions. At the same time, glass shelves backed by mirror panels are constructed on both sides of the television. The team decked out the rest of the space with dark colours, from the walls to the furniture, so that the feature wall stands out.


Another key space is the kitchen. The team fitted glass doors, which help to contain cooking fumes yet keep the kitchen connected to the rest of the home. Inside, white and frosted glass surfaces give it a clean and crisp look.


The same palette continues into the bedrooms. In one of the bedrooms, the bed faces a customised multi-functional unit. It features two desks, drawers and shelving, and also holds a TV. A mirror panel covers the shelves on one end, enabling the desk to double up as a vanity area.

With mostly white surfaces used throughout the apartment, an airy, open feel is evoked. The work of interior design is more than just aesthetics. It is also about providing solutions that fulfil a family’s day-to-day needs. Home for Life Associates has done that while fulfilling the style desired by the family.

Home for Life Associates

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