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Modern comforts in an elegant English-style condo

By combining the classics with sleek modernity, Ultimate Interior Creation has designed a well-appointed living space brimming with timelessness.

Home Type: 4-bedroom condo

Floor Area: 1,346sqft

Text by Disa Tan

While the English interior style is incredibly charming to say the least, the designers from Ultimate Interior Creation understood that too much of it could be overwhelming in this three-generational family home. The classic style is now updated and streamlined by way of modern design elements. A predominantly white colour scheme fills the expansive communal zones with an air of elegance and a beautifully bright ambience. One of the design centrepieces is the custom-built TV console which sports open display compartments and a pristine white laminate finish.

4-bedder condo

Other than channelling elegance, this home boasts another interesting design highlight – no false ceilings. “We designed the home with its existing original concrete ceiling,” say the designers. “Even without a false ceiling, the home still presents a good look as we paid attention to the finer details.” The team worked diligently in handpicking the material finishes and dressed up the custom-made dining console with crystal knobs.

4-bedder condo

A full wall of cabinetry creates a highly-functional storage system for the master bedroom. Besides offering wardrobe storage, this well-planned fixture functions as a TV console and is integrated with the custom-built dressing table. The designers also carefully paired the wallpaper with the soft furnishings like the drapes for a dreamy yet polished look.

4-bedder condo

Comfort and functionality were the top criteria for this bedroom, which belongs to the elderly matron of the family. However, the lack of space proved to be a challenge for the design team when it came to fulfilling the senior occupant’s requirements for several room amenities. “Besides a queen-sized bed, she also wanted storage cabinets and a compact writing desk in her room,” say the team. “Therefore, we had to be very precise with the space planning and with the room dimensions in order to pull this off.”

4-bedder condo

A sweet pink theme defines the baby girl’s bedroom. To ensure design uniformity, a custom-made wardrobe is matched with an additional cabinet, which has been built over the existing bay window. The thoughtful team even topped this storage fixture by the window with a changing mat cushion.

4-bedder condo

Ultimate Interior Creation


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