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New HDB flat gets a touch of classic English makeover

Timeless and sophisticated, D’ Initial Concept created a family home that lasts a lifetime.

Home Type: 3-bedroom HDB

Floor Area: 1,001sqft

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Most HDB flats lack vigour and interest on the outside. But it doesn’t have to be that way on the inside. A little bit of creativity, or rather enlisting the help of an interior designer makes a world of difference. A case in point is this new HDB residence that has been overhauled by D’ Initial Concept.

Bearing a timeless and contemporary design with a dose of classic English influences, this three-bedder residence has been transformed from a cookie-cutter flat to a sophisticated dwelling, which resembles that of a boutique hotel in Europe.

“It helps that the owners had a clear concept and are very attuned to their likes and dislikes,” says Ashley, the designer who spearheaded this project. “They requested for wall trimmings, so I made sure to incorporate them in the bedrooms and living room,” she goes on to say.

93B Telok Blangah HDB living room designed by D' Initial Concept.jpg

She also made clever use of the trimmings on the door that hides the passageway to the bedrooms. This new addition created an illusion of space and symmetry in the living room.

93B Telok Blangah HDB living and dining areas designed by D' Initial Concept.jpg

Since the living area is pretty much a linear space with the entryway directly connected to the living room, Ashley built a beautiful floor-to-ceiling shoe cabinet around a tufted settee, which could house other belongings such as umbrellas and seasonal items on the upper cabinets.

The tufted settee also provides additional seating across the dining space should the need arise. It will definitely be of great use when the homeowners decide to host dinner parties.

To add interest to the dining space, the designer created an opening with clear glass panels that looks into the passageway. “The client jokingly said that the divider makes their dining area look like a restaurant table by the window seat,” shares Ashley of the unique design feature.

93B Telok Blangah HDB kitchen designed by D' Initial Concept

While the passageway is hidden from immediate view, the service yard is in full view. Ashley made a conscious decision to demolish the walls between the service yard and the kitchen for easier access between the two spaces. She explains: “We wanted to break away from the separate service yard and kitchen look with louvre windows and bi-fold door.” This approach also brightens up the two spaces as plenty of unrestricted daylight pours in everyday.

Design wise, the kitchen sports a modern classic look like the rest of the home with a farmhouse sink and Shaker style cabinets painted in a cool grey shade. “To make full use of the space, a ledge is added beside the tall unit for cooking preparation or to have a quick breakfast,” says the designer.

93B Telok Blangah HDB master bedroom designed by D' Initial Concept.jpg

The master bedroom, on the other hand, is akin to a five-star hotel with crisp white sheets, tufted headboard flanked by traditional sconces, and black-out curtains. “In order not to compromise on the original size of the master bedroom” explains Ashley, “the wall that separated the adjacent bedroom was demolished to accommodate a large wardrobe.”

93B Telok Blangah HDB master bathroom designed by D' Initial Concept.jpg

To create a more capacious illusion, the master bathroom wall was also taken down in favour of a glass enclosed en suite. But the designer made sure to install roller blinds for privacy. Here, homogenous tiles reign supreme with black tiles outlining the perimeter of the en suite.

93B Telok Blangah HDB common bathroom designed by D' Initial Concept

In the common bathroom, however, a pop of blue injects some colour into the space. The half tiles, half painted wall look is quintessentially English; while the owl painting and patterned floor tiles, add further interest and whimsy to the space.

The overall outcome is a characterful home brimming with personality, very unlike the cookie cutter design that is HDB. Timeless and sophisticated, this is a home the owners can live in for years to come.

D’ Initial Concept

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