A funky BTO flat with different looks

This flat features a variety of different materials and textures, and comes with lots of storage.

  • A funky BTO flat with different looks

  • A funky BTO flat with different looks

  • A funky BTO flat with different looks

  • A funky BTO flat with different looks

  • A funky BTO flat with different looks

Home Type: 4-room HDB BTO flat

Floor Area: 1,100sqft

Text by Janice Seow

A young married couple came to Archive Design with a rather daring proposition: design each room in their 4-room flat differently, and be bold in the use of materials and textures. The brief also called for storage in every room, and importantly, to have enough space to house their shoes. Designer Lucas Yang gave them all they asked for, and more.


With this project, function and aesthetics go very much hand in hand. Lucas has covered virtually all the walls in the living area in marble-patterned laminate, and the result is a space that looks exceedingly polished and luxurious. The wall cladding on the TV feature wall is cut to an oblique angle, and the pieces are joined together with gold trimming as an additional luxe detail. Not just a beautiful feature, the panels also house storage compartments for the owners’ collection of footwear.

BTO flat bathroom

“The owners wanted a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ concept for the bathrooms,” recalls Lucas. “They each had to have a contrasting style.” He chose to use a selection of differently patterned tiles to create two distinctive looks. In the common bathroom, colourful brown tiles from Hafary are lined in a herringbone pattern to give this space a rustic vibe, while the master bathroom is clad in black and white patterned tiles, also from Hafary.

The kitchen has an open / close concept.  Lucas explains: “The couple doesn’t cook much and wanted the kitchen to be an open and communal space when friends visit, but they also wanted to be able to close off the area when their parents come over during the weekend and do heavy cooking.” The designer has therefore smartly incorporated folding windows that can be opened or closed depending on the need.

Archive Design


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