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A cosy weekend home for a family with an appreciation for contemporary design

Parenthesis plays with colour and material restraints to transform an apartment at Richmond Park into a weekend family retreat.

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 988sqft

Text by Olha Romaniuk

When Parenthesis was approached to design a weekend home for a lovely couple, the firm envisioned an open plan dwelling that capitalised on light and space to create a contemporary and uncluttered look. To achieve a sense of openness, Sujono Lim of Parenthesis decided to visually unify the public spaces of the apartment – the living room, dining room and kitchen – through the use of a consistent colour palette and limited range of complementary materials. A continuation of materials from one zone to another reinforces connectivity, blurring the boundaries between different spaces and facilitating seamless movement in the apartment.

kitchen & dining in cosy weekend home for a family designed by Parenthesis

Upon entry into the interconnected social zone of the home, the feeling of warmth and openness becomes immediately apparent. Built-in light wood cabinetry connects with the matching floor finish, while the directional grain of the wood reinforces the elongated layout of the living and dining areas. Opening up the kitchen was a deliberate choice to merge the food prep area to the dining room. Here too, the light wood cabinetry continues the language of the public area to bring fluidity to the space.

living room in cosy weekend home for a family designed by Parenthesis

With a simple and clean layout, the beauty is all in the details in the thoughtful design of this home. Further reinforcing the sense of continuity, a brass metal datum line running across the cabinetry of the apartment adds a touch of understated luxury and breaks the expansive wood panelling and carpentry. Marble pieces sit casually within the wood-dominated interior. Complementing marble tones and subtle grains allow the stone to remain in the background, while lending a sense of sophistication to the social spaces of the home.

pantry and study in cosy weekend home for a family designed by Parenthesis

Via a wood cladded corridor that serves as a portal from the public to the private quarters of the apartment, a study room sets a calming scene for working from home. Here, the same familiar wood is also used to continue the consistent visual language. “While we kept the colour palette consistent, we played with a different orientation of the wood grain to create a design feature within the room,” says Sujono.

master & en suite in cosy weekend home for a family designed by Parenthesis

A gentle contrast to the rest of the interiors of the home, the bedrooms take on a slightly darker and more brooding tone, to set an atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation. The master bedroom is lush with softer materials and fabrics. The earthier colour palette provides a touch of decadence to the muted finishes of the space.

Off to the side, a master bathroom makes a bolder statement with marble tiles that cover its floors and walls. Light wood and white marble work together to visually enlarge the space. Angled side mirrors complement the angled layout of the bathroom, while the concealed lights give a soft ambient glow to the vanity area. Here, like in the rest of the apartment’s spaces, the limited material palette and simple details with luxury touches create a unifying contemporary aesthetic, while keeping the design of each room interesting with subtle but mindful details.


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