Autumn-inspired luxury in a three-generation family home

Taking cues from feng shui and the elements of nature, JPA Design crafted a warm, yet luxurious home for a prominent family of five.

  • Autumn-inspired luxury in a three-generation family home

  • Autumn-inspired luxury in a three-generation family home

  • Autumn-inspired luxury in a three-generation family home

  • Autumn-inspired luxury in a three-generation family home

  • Autumn-inspired luxury in a three-generation family home

  • Autumn-inspired luxury in a three-generation family home

  • Autumn-inspired luxury in a three-generation family home

  • Autumn-inspired luxury in a three-generation family home

  • Autumn-inspired luxury in a three-generation family home

  • Autumn-inspired luxury in a three-generation family home

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 4,047sqft

Text by Angela Low

Luxury meets warmth in this double-storey, freehold condominium unit, which is home to a prominent Chinese family of five. Hailing from Shanghai, they’ve been living in Singapore for the past two decades and have settled into this new four-bedroom apartment as their primary abode.

Luxury Tomlinson Heights condo entertainment room details by JPA Design

“No strangers to luxury, the family wanted the interiors to reflect their unique style, whilst adhering to the advice of their feng shui master,” says Amy Dixon, the APAC design director of international interior design firm JPA Design. “Colours were carefully considered, furnishings are plush with a variety of textures, lending an invitingly comfortable and tactile space, ultimately creating an effortless canvas for the homeowners.”

Luxury Tomlinson Heights condo entertainment room by JPA Design

Instead of over-the-top luxury, the homeowners wanted comfort to take precedence in the apartment. Orange was also initially preferred as the dominant hue. But because its vibrancy would have overwhelmed the snug atmosphere of the interiors, lead designer Shi Yi Sun opted for subtler tones within the same colour family – gold, bronze and rust – for a serene palette of lavish finishes.

Luxury Tomlinson Heights condo living area by JPA Design

A primary feature of the abode that stands out against the rest of the property is the double-volume living room with 6.2m high ceiling. To emphasise the height of the space, Shi Yi created a towering TV wall feature, comprising of a light-toned centre panel with gold accents designed to emulate the splash of ocean waves. This motif also showcases the water element, an ancient symbol of abundance in Chinese culture and an auspicious element in feng shui.

Flanking this TV feature are two stamped bronze wall panels, that have been carved and treated with chemicals to create a rough-hewn texture. In spite of the bold look of the TV wall, it retains a sense of versatility and flexibility that allows it to suit different styles and colour schemes, should the family decide to change the look of the living room.

Luxury Tomlinson Heights condo lattice cut veneers by JPA Design

A trio of laser-cut lattice veneers, featuring contemporary motifs of dried, autumnal leaves, clads the top half of the adjacent wall in the living room. Not only do they offer a visual juxtaposition with the grandiose TV wall panel, they also draw the eye upwards and balance out the high ceiling.

Luxury Tomlinson Heights condo living room by JPA Design

The designer introduced a cool blue handmade carpet from China, creating a contrasting tension with the predominantly warm tones of the living room. Although made of silk, it boasts the look of crushed velvet, adding another dimension of texture to the space.

Luxury Tomlinson Heights condo details by JPA Design

One of the couple’s favourite pastimes is hosting friends, guests and business partners. It was thus critical for the communal space to be adaptable. While the warm, inviting colour palette puts guests immediately at ease, the movable Minotti Lou side tables allow for the reconfiguration of the furniture to suit their entertainment needs.

Luxury Tomlinson Heights condo dining room by JPA Design

In the dining room, textured linen wallpaper serves as an elegant backdrop to an understated triptych of flowing water. Keeping to the theme of simple sophistication, the designer suspended Henge light rings over the Poliform dining table, and covered the walls with smoked ash panels with a golden bronze trim for a tinge of luxury.

Luxury Tomlinson Heights condo entertainment room by JPA Design

Upstairs, an erstwhile bedroom was converted into a sound-proof karaoke room. It features a 3D acoustic wallpaper made of foam, which has been carved to enhance the acoustics of the room while appearing like a sculptural work of art. The entertainment room’s carpet floor tiles also encapsulate the marriage of comfort, style and functionality. To further amp up the glam factor, the designer installed bronze-tinted mirror panels into the cosy room.

Luxury Tomlinson Heights condo study by JPA Design

Having accumulated quite a diverse collection of curiosities from their travels, the couple needed a space to showcase them, taking into consideration their varying shapes and sizes. The solution came in the form of a wall of open shelves in the study room, with irregular niches to display the knick knacks. Another request the pair had was for more storage, which the designer answered by building copious compartments that line the walls of the study.

Luxury Tomlinson Heights condo master bedroom by JPA Design

Following the autumnal design concept of the abode, the master bedroom sports a feature wall with blue-toned custom-made centre panels sandwiched between walnut brown timber veneers. The panels are hand painted with gold flecks, made to mimic the cascading effect of falling autumn leaves.

Luxury Tomlinson Heights condo son's bedroom by JPA Design

It is a vision of modern refinement, a toned-down version of which forms the design of the son’s bedroom. Since it doubles as a guest room, it had to strike a balance between playful and classy. The highlight of the space goes to the tactile feature wall by the study desk, which uses individual pieces of leather in shades of black, brown and green to recreate the look of fish scales.

“Designing someone’s home is a very different experience from designing for hotels, and this project, especially so, as there are three generations of family living within its walls,” Amy shares. “We needed to create a cohesive space that flowed effortlessly, yet still worked with the needs and aspirations of the individuals. It has been an exciting and, at times, challenging project to work on, but the end result is a beautiful space that the family is delighted with.”

JPA Design

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