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4-bedder condo with custom design touches

Bespoke measures like imported wallpaper and luxurious stone finishes bring a sense of comfort and grandeur to this condo designed by Ultimate Interior Creation.

Home Type: 4 bedroom + 1 study condominium unit

Floor Area: 2,600sqft

Text by Disa Tan

Colour and culture come as one in this condominium unit for a family of four. While the homeowners specified for a plush five-star hotel style for their family dwelling, the designers expertly worked in a good dose of colourful accents that lift the dark woodgrain tones. “The expansive blue painting from a famous painter adds a cheerful contrast to the dining zone,” point out the designers from Ultimate Interior Creation.

4-bedder condo

The homeowners brought their existing furniture with them during the move to their new home and the designers needed to incorporate these pieces into the overall picture without it looking out of place. “We turned to custom carpentry and put together a full-height shoe cabinet with a seat that becomes part of the feature wall,” they reveal. “This creates a smooth integration for the existing furniture to fit in with the new fixtures.”

To maintain an open and fluid sense of space in the living zone, the designers were careful not to implement bulky design elements. “The TV console was designed with elegance in mind,” they say. Dark wood veneer was chosen for its overall finish and a back-lit onyx stone panel ushers in brightness and extravagance into the space.

Relocating the entrance of the kitchen has improved on its space and work efficiency. The designers add: “We also repositioned the sink and cooker to maximise the kitchen area. This improves the work flow and adds to the volume of cabinets.” Savvy kitchen storage in the form of pull-out larder units and corner units are also implemented into the cabinetry for a stylish yet highly-functional cookspace.

4-bedder condo

Like a well-equipped hotel suite, the master bedroom boasts all the creature comforts that bring forth the five-star treatment. “We designed the room to include a king-sized bed, a dressing table and a cosy seating area by the window,” says the design team.

4-bedder condo

Swathed in gorgeous turquoise hues, the guest bedroom has the makings of a plush hotel suite as well. The colours and custom furnishings were all co-ordinated to ensure the room extends a welcoming presence. “The TV console and dressing table were customised to match the existing bed,” say the designers. “The curtains and wallpaper were also handpicked to factor in a cosy appeal.”

4-bedder condo

With customised book shelves and cabinetry installed in the study, every inch of space is fully utilised to present a neat and pristine workstation. ‘Floating’ shelves lighten the visual bulk of the enclosed cabinets. Since the study is also used as a home gym, the designers had the gym equipment face the window for a workout with a view. 

4-bedder condo

Marking a departure from the sophisticated design scheme are the children’s bedrooms which are dressed in pastels. This sweet-looking paint colour is well-matched with the specially-imported wallpaper.

4-bedder condo

The other kid’s bedroom is clad similarly in a light pastel hue. A large built-in wardrobe in a timeless shade of white ensures it grows together with its young occupant; even if the wall coverings do get updated in a couple of years.

4-bedder condo

Rounding up the hotel experience is the bathroom which has been outfitted with double sinks. The designers also segregated the WC from the shower stall by creating two cubicles for each area.

4-bedder condo

Ultimate Interior Creation


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