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An old 2-bedroom apartment gets a new lease of life

In this lived-in condominium unit, Chalk Architects introduced new design elements to match the old design features. The result is a contemporary home with a fresh new outlook.

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,110sqft

Text by Redzman Rahmat

The designers at Chalk Architects understand the importance of interpolating the homeowners’ unique personalities and lifestyle habits into the interior design. In this case, this apartment is a customised showcase of the homeowners’ love for natural stones, intricate textures, unique furniture pieces and colourful soft furnishing.

2-bedroom condo unit

The result is a refined family home with an air of subtle sophistication. The designers have achieved a fine balance that incorporates traditional elements in a modern setting by combining the home’s existing features with more contemporary elements. This includes the natural stone finishes, coffered walls and embossed solid timber doors.

2-bedroom condo

One of the first things that Chalk Architects did was to rip away the false ceiling. What was initially a gloomy and uninspired interior is now decidedly brighter and more spacious. What the designers did not expect however, was to find ‘unforeseen items’ such the rainwater pipe, previously hidden within the false ceiling. But by paying greater attention to detail, they managed to ensure that the apartment could integrate its inherited conditions into the new interior design.

Another way that Chalk Architects updated this home was by working around the existing features. Instead of replacing the old finishes, they decided to build new features that work well with the elements that they decided to retain. Take the existing stone floor in the living room for example. The designers painted a coffered wall in beige to match the floors and lend the space a more contemporary look.

Also in the living room is a marble feature wall. Interestingly, the stone pieces were randomly arranged instead of book matched. This is a more contemporary technique that modernises the home. Throughout the space, little peeks of brass gold further elevate the sense of luxury.

The coffered wall feature makes another appearance in the master bedroom, directly behind the bedhead. Because this room has an irregular shape, the designers decided to install a curved curtain track. Not only does it soften the sharper angles of the room, it also forms “a line of mirrored symmetry” in the room.

Chalk Architects


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