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Christmas gifts everyone will love and actually use

From wallet-friendly finds to splurges under $400, you can’t go wrong with these foolproof Christmas gift ideas.

The 2023 INDE.Awards Jury – overview

An exemplary group of architects and designers comprise the 2023 INDE.Awards Jury. Meet them now.

Indoor garden in a flat

A wonderful ‘balcony’ with space to grow an indoor garden is just one of the unexpected delights to be found in this four-room flat.

A subterranean home

Instead of building up, Mitsuori Architects dug down, resulting in a home that responds better to the needs and aspirations of its occupants.

The OVON showroom feels like home

The revamped OVON showroom at Joo Chiat Place demonstrates functionality within a cosy and luxe setting. Take the tour.

A feminine sanctuary for the family

Shona McElroy had a brief of conflicting requirements when designing this family home – but underpinning it all was a space to truly relax in.

A compact flat with room to move

OVON demonstrates how efficient space planning can enhance comfort and accessibility in a compact four-room flat.

The Lookbox Edit 15: Hottest new places to shop

Tired of the same old and looking for new and inspiring shopping destinations to visit? We’ve picked these three for you.

Smart renovation of an odd-shaped flat

Knock Knock Studio brings out the potential of an odd-shaped flat, and on a modest budget too.

An inter-terrace house gets a brilliant makeover

By reshaping the space and bringing in the light, Space Sense Studio has turned a standard inter-terrace property into a home that’s full of ease and comfort.