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Established: 2019

Singapore interior design firm HOFT profile image

Profile image: Sheldon Soo, Co-founder; Gabriel Ng, Co-founder; Ethan Ng, Co-founder
Location: HOFT's design studio. Sixth Avenue's bustling yet tranquil locale attracted HOFT to set up their practice here as it's a far departure from cluttered industrial areas. "We wanted it to be our sanctuary for work and leisure, sometimes hosting our friends and family in a space where we work and play," share HOFT.

What is your company’s background?
Coming together and merging three creative minds (Sheldon, Ethan and Gabriel) who have been in the design industry for quite some time has helped inform our understanding of authentic interiors and adds depth to the voice of the brand. There is a certain exchange that makes fresh ideas and space curating uncomplicated.

What is your firm’s design identity?
It’s important that our work feels innovative, new and relevant. Our clients are so diverse and we enjoy creating distinctive experiences. We truly believe that design should instil a sense of adventure and tell a story. At HOFT, we look to new ways to bring about a taste for originality and timelessness; this, really, is our ethos.

What makes your firm and its work unique?
Each project brings a unique exploration of curiosity and experimentation that leads to a constant evolution. We do place mire attention on details and designing environments for people to expand their experiences. All these elements have an inherent cross-pollination that contributes to the uniqueness of our work.

What constitutes a meaningful/purposeful space?
For HOFT, it starts with service. What will differentiate the space? What feelings will the space evoke? What will make for a distinctive experience? Having an eye is one thing, but the final outcome should also be functional. The materials, textures and colours should be considered from the initial stage.

What is your best design advice?
Take risks and explore! It’s always essential to have some kind of knowledge on classic and enduring design that has stood the test of time, and then put your spin on it. The more informed you are, the more readily you can have your finger on the pulse of now. And of course, always be on the lookout for something special.

“Using our clients as inspiration is a thread that has been constant. Each client, whether a residential or commercial project, brings something dynamic to the table.”
– Gabriel Ng, Co-founder

HOFT logo / (65) 6402 6306 / / 6A Sixth Avenue, Singapore 276472

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