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Established: 2019


From left: Ethan Ng, Director; Gabriel Ng, Director; and Sheldon Soo, Director

Design approach:
We have always strived to create something new for our clients and our process remains the same to this day. Dialogue with a client is an essential part of any design process, and also contributes to a better and more informed end result. We want to be able to create an interior space that they can use for their family, entertainment, exploration and more. At HOFT, we’re always moving forward with great curiosity and an open mind. Having a modern point of view, together with an appreciation of things keeps us inventive.

Favourite materials to work with:
We work with natural materials as much as possible, from wood to leather and linen. Humans experience spaces differently so we enjoy working with materials that have honest and simple qualities, and yet offer unusual or unexpected details.

Common thread in successful projects:
Foremost, a space that connects with every human need while catering to the client’s lifestyle and priorities. Our projects have a firm relationship between aesthetics and functionality, which in turn creates beautiful and comfortable spaces. A successful residential project in our opinion is one that is full of personality, enriches the soul and makes the senses feel alive – something that’s forced to be “new and relevant” doesn’t make the cut.

HOFT logo / (65) 6402 6306 / / 6A Sixth Avenue, Singapore 276472

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