Established: 2019


From left: Gabriel Ng, Director; Sheldon Soo, Director; and Ethan Ng, Director

Who we are:
We have always strived to create novel and refreshing interior spaces for our clients. Our process remains unchanged with time, and dialogue is key to achieving a satisfactory result. Our philosophy at HOFT is to always look forward with curiosity and an open mind to ensure that we can stay ahead of the game.

Best design advice:
We like to abide by the classic 60-30-10 rule that dictates the distribution of colour in a space. We don’t follow it strictly, but as a guide that allows us to have fun building a space. Also, it can be hard to resist design trends, but they will soon be outdated. Be open to ideas instead. We help clients to translate their design requirements by focusing on practicality and balance.

Focus for 2022:
We would like to improvise with creative materials and explore architectural concepts in everyday homes. We wish to let nature influence our design process and ideas. The focus will be on carving out houses that are aesthetically-pleasing, modest and, most importantly, innovative. Ideally, making it possible to equip our designers with a wider perspective and exposure to this industry and beyond.

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