Reginox’s Kitchen Sinks Win red dot Awards

The Nevada and Texas stainless steel kitchen sinks nab two prestigious red dot awards

Reginox’s Kitchen Sinks Win red dot Awards

When you think of the kitchen sink, not many different design options come to mind. To most, the washbasin is purely a functional addition to the kitchen that adds nothing to the aesthetic of a home. Reginox begs to differ. As Netherland’s largest producer of stainless steel sinks, the international brand has consistently introduced innovative designs and solutions for the kitchen sink. 

In the last year, the Reginox Texas and Nevada series nabbed two red dot design awards for their sleek designs and conscientious functions. Both the Texas and Nevada sinks feature a 10mm vertical and horizontal radius. This makes the sinks extremely easy to clean – an added bonus for style-conscious homeowners who don’t take too lightly to household chores. The Nevada and Texas sinks are made from brushed stainless steel, further raising the style quotient with their fluid lines and polished finish. 


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