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Get spotted by the Lookbox Paparazzi at Singapore Indesign

Look out for the Lookbox Paparazzi at Singapore Indesign 2016

We’re all revved up for Singapore Indesign this year! From the looks of things, #SGID16 is set to be extra awesome and we’re proud to be a part of the one-day design centric event.

The Lookbox Paparazzi will be out in full force, armed with Polaroid cameras and cookies from Kith. Get your picture taken by the Paparazzi team and you’ll receive freebies that you can take back with you!


Take it a step further and upload your pictures to your Instagram or Facebook, tag us (@lookbox_living or and use the hashtag #SGID16. You’ll be in the running to win a Blocks Stacking Drawer worth $650, from OM!



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