5 Themed Homes That Will Blow Your Mind

These themed-homes range from the cute to the quirky, and we love every one of them!

5 Themed Homes That Will Blow Your Mind

Can you imagine living in a home that looks like a cruise ship cabin, a karaoke club or an art gallery? These Singapore homes are inspired by some unconventional design sources (a Hello Kitty-theme HDB?) but the end product looks surprisingly amazing. Check out our pick of 8 kooky interior design concepts you might want to consider for your next renovation (or not!).


Theme #1: Night Clubs and Bars 

Design by Free Space Intent


Who would have though that sweaty night clubs and smoky pubs would be the inspiration for this stylish condominium apartment? The homeowners wanted to replicate all the swank and swagger of a dance club and the result is a home that’s creatively cool. The moody colour palette of charcoal and red totally wins us over, and the the sexy curves and pointed angles really bring to mind the interior design of classy clubs.



Design by Free Space Intent


We love the bar counter, which is the undeniable star in this apartment. Reflective mosaic tiles match perfectly with the strips of LED lights. The niches on the back wall become the perfect spot to display the homeowner’s extensive collection of liquor bottles, further lending the feel that this home looks like the perfect home for party-goers.

In The Club by Free Space Intent


Theme #2: Art Gallery

Design by Renozone


The clean, white walls, cement screed floors and minimalist-influenced aesthetic are the cornerstones for this apartment’s double-functionality as a home cum photography studio. Art galleries are typically blank canvases where the artwork can shine, and this home replicates those features to great success!



Design by Renozone


It helps that the owner of this home is a photographer and proudly displays his work all around the home. Even spaces like the kitchen follows through with the monochromatic black-and-white theme, with striking artwork on the walls.

Strike A Pose by Renozone


Theme #3: Ship Cabin 
Design by D5 Studio Image

Design by D5 Studio Image


Sleeping in a cruise ship cabin might bring back unpleasant memories of motion sickness, but the owners of this 5-room HDB prefer to remember the romantic notions of adventures out at sea. The unconventional request to make their home look like ship cabin was, initially, a strange idea, but the result is weirdly effective. At worst, the design makes for an excellent conversation starter!




We actually love the curved wall corners, which lend a graceful spin to the interior. Even the windows look like the portholes on a ship! The designers chose a laminate with a distinct wood grain pattern that, at first glance, looks a bit too overpowering. But it works well in this home because the horizontal lines trick the eyes into thinking that the home is far larger than it actually us.

Ship Ahoy by D5 Studio Image

Theme #4: Karaoke Clubs

Design by Space Vision


We’re going back to the future with this home that’s heavily influenced by fancy entertainment rooms. The basement of this 6,000-sqft bungalow is the epitome of high-tech karaoke lounges. Curvy cut-outs on the ceiling, cool blue lighting, large expanses of mirrored walls and a roomy L-shaped sofa all point to a home that’s built for social gatherings.


Design by Space Vision


The rest of the bungalow has a slightly more toned-down feel, but there’s always a fun and futuristic element in every room. Whether its a pool table, cartoon murals or a customised desk, this home is crafted for both the young and the young-at-heart.

Fun House by Space Vision Design


Theme #5: Electric Lounge

Design by The Interior Place


Dark and mysterious, this condo apartment is heavily influenced by ultra-cool lounges and bars. The mood is certainly distinct, and you can easily imagine throbbing trance music playing in the background as you sprawl out on the carpeted, sofa-free living room. Check out the wall-to-wall picture of the city skyline!



Design by The Interior Place


What we’re most impress by is the amount of storage the designers managed to squeeze into this home. The raised platforms hide drawers under the floors, and the walls can open up to reveal cupboards and cabinets.

Lounging Around by The Interior Place


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