6 Ways To Use Brick Walls In Your Home

Love the look of brick walls in your home? Here are 6 ways you can incorporate them into your interior design.

6 Ways To Use Brick Walls In Your Home

Over the last couple of years, the trend of having brick walls in your home has continued to gain popularity. It’s a great way to add texture to the home without taking up additional space. And let’s face it; it’s also a quick way of adding character to any interior design. White brick walls look great in both HDB flats and condo apartments, and you can use this rough surface as either an eye-catching statement design or as a subtle background in the room.

Here are 6 homes that cleverly incorporate brick walls into their design.


Brick Wall In The Background


What’s not to love about this living room design? The soft neutral colours of the carpentry, the warm wood-like flooring and the subtle use of clean lines and angles, all give this resale flat its charm. White bricks are used on only a portion of the wall behind the couch. It’s never too loud or in-your-face, acting only as a backdrop to this chic home.

Design by Sky Creation


Brick Wall In The Foreground


The living room of this 3-room condominium has a similar layout to the first home, but this time, the brick wall is the star. It stretches across the entire room and takes up prime position behind the mounted TV (you’ll always see the wall no matter where you are in the living room). The rest of the room is designed to complement the brick wall, including the taupe wall behind the sofa and the polished marble floor.

Design by D5 Studio Image


Brick Wall As A Complement


The off-white bricks in the living room of this 5-room HDB is also used on the prime space behind the TV, but this time, the designers used it simply as texture to this New York-inspired home. A black and white colour scheme, large windows that look out to beautiful treetops, and carefully chosen material and colour palettes, are the major highlights in this home. The brick wall is merely a complement to the industrial look, but it’s definitely an essential component to getting the look right.

Design by Meter Cube Interiors


Brick Wall As A Colour Statement


This vibrantly coloured home works especially well because of the red brick wall. The designers of this 4-room HDB used the bricks on several walls, but in a cohesive manner, giving the home it’s signature look. It’s pretty important to note that without this feature wall (or even if it uses white bricks instead of red), the entire home will probably look completely different.

Design by Dots ‘N’ Tots


Brick Walls Throughout The Home



While the other homes in this list use brick walls sparingly in the living room, this 700sqft apartment isn’t afraid to use the rough material all over. Clean lines and geometrical shapes play an important role in the design of this home, and the bricks walls (and matching subway tiles) are a way to tie the look together. The kitchen, bedroom and even the bathroom all have bricks or brick motifs on the walls.

Design by MOMO + Partners


Brick Wall To Fill Up The Space


In this semi-detached house, space is definitely a luxury. The entire top floor has been designed as family entertainment room and the interior designers went out of the way to kit the place out with all the amenities. But because of its size, there are plenty of empty spaces here. Instead of filling it up with clutter, the designers used the brick wall effect across the length of the room. This visually filled up the room without actually taking up any space!

Design by Space Vision Design




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