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Fatema Design Studio

Established: 2011

Fatema Design Studio

Profile image: From left - Hadi Jaine, Interior Designer; Afzal Huzairi, Interior Designer; Hans Abu Aqeel, Interior Designer; Wan Ismail Wan Nussin, Principal Designer
Location: Fatema Design Studio’s office building. Wan Ismail is a lover of boats, yachts and ships. With the studio located close to the sea, it affords such views. The magnificent views also bring a sense of calm to the team, which help them to design better.

Design philosophy:
Our design philosophy stems from our values of strong family ties and Islamic sensibilities, without compromising on style. To elevate any interior, we believe that clients’ individualities and aspirations need to be incorporated into the design, in order to suit their needs and lifestyles.

The absence of Islamic touches in the interior design industry signifies the demand and hunger of Muslim homeowners, or of those rooting for historical rebuilding of architecture styles. We wanted to fill that gap and recreate a different dimension of spirit from the norms of modern interior design; hence we began incorporating Islamic architecture into our interior design principles.

Passion for design:
We don’t only create spaces and homes; we leave trails of historical elements that never die. We allow homeowners to identify and express themselves through their home designs, while allowing the reinvention of basic architecture to fit the current modern world. We don’t only design, we want to create history!


“A well-designed home not only exudes beauty and pleasantness, but should also meet the functionality and needs of the owner.”
– Wan Ismail Wan Nussin, Principal Designer

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sales.fatema@gmail.com / (65) 9150 3741 / www.fatemadesignstudio.com / 25 Amber Road, The Cape #13-07, Singapore 439872

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