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Fatema Design Studio

Established: 2011

Fatema Design Studio

From left: Hans Abu Aqeel, Interior Designer; Wan Ismail Wan Nussin, Principal Designer; and Afzal Huzairi, Interior Designer

Design approach:
Clients who come to us know and understand that our style is strongly influenced by Islamic and modernist architecture. The former is represented by geometric and floral abstract patterns present in lattice works and tiles. The latter is very much driven by the art deco style of celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Definition of success: 
Success to us is when people celebrate and recognise our projects, and when we can engage in pleasant discussions with prospective clients on how we tackled the constraints of previous projects.

Ideal client-designer relationship:
Firstly, a client should engage a designer whose work he/she appreciates and whose style resonates with him/her. This makes the renovation process smooth and enjoyable for both parties. It would be great if a client is open to suggestions and is willing to venture out of his/her comfort zone for a truly awe-inspiring design outcome.

Fatema Design Studio logo / (65) 9150 3741 / / 186B Bedok North Street 4, #02-24, Singapore 462186

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