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Fatema Design Studio

Established: 2011

Fatema Design Studio_Profile

Profile image: Hans Abu Aqeel, Interior Designer; Afzal Huzairi, Interior Designer; Wan Ismail Wan Nussin, Principal Designer
Location: Shaw Tower. It overlooks The Gateway, which was designed by the late American architect IM Pei. This location was thus chosen as a small tribute to him.

What is your firm’s design identity?
Fatema Design Studio takes pride in designing spaces using Islamic architectural elements while incorporating modern design sensibilities. Being a design-centric company, we aim to deliver timeless designs that will stand the test of time. For every project we take on, we ensure that the space bears a fully functional design. In essence, we believe that good, authentic design married with impeccable craftsmanship will elevate any space.

What constitutes a meaningful space?
A meaningful space can be achieved when designers are successful in fulfilling the client’s needs and individual preferences without compromising on the overall style. Our team design all spaces – big or small – with this clear purpose in mind; as we want our clients to live, work and create memories in the space designed by us.

What is your best design advice?
While house hunting, clients should bring their interior designer with them. With our clients’ individual needs and budget as our priorities, designers can provide expert advice on pertinent matters, often overlooked during house hunting. At Fatema Design Studio, our designers are able to assess any space and identify the strengths and constraints, while offering advice on effective space planning. This way, our clients can make an informed decision that is within their budget.


“Our work is driven by Middle Eastern influences, motifs and colours.”
– Wan Ismail Wan Nussin, Principal Designer

Fatema Design Studio logo / (65) 9150 3741 / / 25 Amber Road, The Cape #13-07, Singapore 439872

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