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Established: 2011

Profile image, from left: Alex Poh, Project Consultant; Patrick Look, Project Manager; Chan Wen Jie, Designer; Lincoln Lim, Designer Location: A yacht at One°15 Marina Club

The D.D.I team has diverse sources of inspiration and enjoys a variety of recreational activities for work-life balance, including being out at sea.

Design philosophy:
Aesthetics should always be complemented by functionality.

Design approach:
First understand our clients’ needs to build their dream homes for them.Being experienced designers, we make sure there’s no duplication in our work!

Greatest enjoyment as a designer:
The whole process – from meeting clients, to developing unique designs, to fulfilling their expectations – is enjoyable!

“There’s no point in having something that looks really good, if it doesn’t meet the functional needs of clients.” – Alex Poh, Project Consultant

alex@dreamzspace.com.sg / (65) 9654 8884 / 101 Kallang Avenue #02-15 Singapore 339504 T (65) 9654 8884

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