Moroso Net Side & Coffee Tables

XTRA Designs

    Illusory and transitory perspective. To cut is a creative gesture. A cut divides, separates, and opens up a new vision of the world and its depths. Cracks, fissures, slashes if seen positively become windows, openings, passageways to go through – go beyond. The Moroso Net table has been designed around the concept of a crack. Depending on the observer’s perspective it can either block the gaze or let it through, seem light or solid, blend into its surroundings or stand out.


    Small table: Height 46cm, Diameter 40cm Large table: Height 29cm, Diameter 70cm


    Expanded steel with powder coat finish


    Black, Sapphire Blue, Stardust, Milk Mint, Safe, Oxidored, Blush, Pearl White

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