High Pressure Traceless Laminate


  • Description
  • Admira’s unique Traceless series is as what the name implies – leave no traces behind.

    Dark-coloured laminates, especially black-coloured ones, can be a headache. But Traceless laminates are fingerprint-resistant and wallet-friendly, without compromising on colour, quality and texture. It is also a breeze to clean and maintain. Just clean with a damp cloth or melamine foam.

  • Additional information
  • Dimensions

    8ft x 4ft



    Colours & Features

    Dark Forest Oak: Fingerprint-resistant laminate with wood design
    Dark Bronco: Fingerprint-resistant laminate with leather design 
    Red Master Oak: Fingerprint-resistant laminate with wood design
    Forest Charcoal Black: Fingerprint-resistant laminate with wood design
    Dark Smooth Mode: Fingerprint-resistant laminate with wood design
    Dark Mode Walnut: Fingerprint-resistant laminate with wood design
    Dark Grey: Fingerprint-resistant laminate in solid colour
    Chocolate Brown: Fingerprint-resistant laminate in solid colour
    Mocha Brown: Fingerprint-resistant laminate in solid colour
    Umber Premium Leather: Fingerprint-resistant laminate with leather design 
    Black Leather: Fingerprint-resistant laminate with leather design 

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