How to increase the value of your home

Whether you want to build equity or get top dollar when you sell, here are some useful tips to raise the value of your home.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

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Unlike cars, properties are appreciating assets that one ought to have. And like any investment, you want your home to be worth much more than when you bought it. “While location is an all-important factor, there are many other proven ways to raise your property value,” says Ben Zheng, Marketing Director of Lux Design who has a background in real estate. He shares his industry secrets and ideas that you can implement to potentially increase your property value in the years to come.

Given your past experience as a real estate agent, what do Singapore residents typically look for in a home?
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They generally require spacious living as well as extra rooms for family planning or multigenerational living. It’s becoming more common nowadays as property price rise and family units become smaller. Having two generations live under one roof helps to ease financial burdens and promotes familial bonding.

Whether Singapore residents like to admit it or not, they typically have similar taste in design when shopping for a home. For instance, white, bright and airy homes are high in demand as they allow more room for customisation and give the impression of comfort. Strong themes and bold colours are a no-no.

It’s been said that renovating the kitchen and bathroom increases the property value significantly. Is this true?
how to increase property value by Lux Design

It’s absolutely true although people don’t generally spend the most time in the kitchen and bathroom compared to the bedroom, for example. However, functionality is imperative in these spaces. Spacious kitchens and bathrooms yield higher value as buyers see the practical usage for enjoyment and relaxation.

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