Shahila Juraimi


Design Zage project

A massive transformation – Design Zage

Heeding the call for a comfortable family home with room to entertain, Design Zage has transformed an old terrace house into a spacious dwelling that responds beautifully to the owners’ needs.

D5 Studio Image project

Small but serene – D5 Studio Image

Modelled after a Japanese shoebox apartment, this family home designed by D5 Studio Image comprises traditional design elements fused with modern comforts.

d'Phenomenal project

Creativity at play – d’Phenomenal

d’Phenomenal reimagines the concept of ‘nature at home’ with playful statements, bold colour combinations that bring on different moods, and interesting lighting strategies.

D' Initial Concept project

Domestic comforts – D’ Initial Concept

Clean lines and neutral tones reveal a cosy home that harmoniously combines creative space planning with subtle material accents, achieving a delicate balance between practical functionality and aesthetically pleasing design.

Crumbs Interior project

A baker’s dream space – Crumbs Interior

Juxtaposing the raw and polished, Crumbs Interior has designed a sophisticated home for a family of three with a penchant for the finer things in life.

Create Architecture project

A garden villa – Create Architecture

By thoughtfully revitalising existing structures, this luxurious home by Create Architecture embraces nature and light as defining elements of tropical living.

Asialand project

Modern oasis – Asialand ID

The Oasis House by Asialand ID is a warm and inviting three-generational family home with spacious communal areas and beautiful outdoor spaces dedicated to relaxation.

Ascend Design project

An intimate retreat – Ascend Design

By infusing this home with a delightful medley of earthy materials and textures, Ascend Design has transformed the space into a comforting ‘urban cave’.

Artistroom project

Timeless simplicity – Artistroom

Artistroom has designed a minimalistic and immaculate home that comfortably accommodates a family of four adults. Artistic accents add a touch of warmth to the understated space.

arche project

A sense of lightness – arche°

Using earthy colours and natural tones that tread lightly, arche° has crafted a serene retreat for a young couple and their two cats, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.