Redzman Rahmat


This playful home embraces the ‘rustic industrial’ style of interior design

With the help of the design team from Dots N Tots Interior, this HDB flat is now a playful home that’s packed with storage and display cases.

This hotel-inspired BTO flat spells industrial chic

AP Concept used wire mesh, wood panels and black accents to create an industrial themed home that takes its inspiration from stylish boutique hotels.

This pared-back, minimalist apartment borrows from the tranquility of Japanese design

By taking inspiration from Japanese design elements, AMP Design Co. gave this pared-back apartment a minimalist aesthetic.

A resale flat transforms into a sanctuary for slow living

Inspired by the Scandinavian and minimalist design philosophies, Vän Hus Interior Design transformed this resale flat into a restful sanctuary.

Unconventional design elevates this hip “steampunk man cave” in Tiong Bahru

The design team from three-d conceptwerke used unconventional housing materials such as concrete ventilation bricks and neon signage to adhere to the ‘modern industrial and steampunk man cave’ aesthetics.

This house is a black and white beauty following a complete revamp

Third Avenue Studio rejuvenated this three-storey house by adjusting the floor plan and introducing a contemporary palette.

A semi-detached house that facilitates meaningful interactions

Having recently moved from the UK, a family engaged the services of The Orange Cube to give them a home where they could spend quality time with loved ones.

An HDB flat becomes a Scandinavian-style, hygge family home

By paring down the materiality and colour usage in this home, Story of Us evokes a warm and cosy environment in this HDB flat.

This minimalist HDB flat is a functional and purposeful home

Right Angle Studio’s consistent use of light oak and grey tiles, paired with pockets of smoked mirrors establish a harmonised and composed HDB home.

This three-storey forever home is primed for raising a big family

With the help of Rhiss Interior, this three-storey cluster house becomes the ideal location to raise a large, multi-generational family.