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built in timber shoe cabinet closet wardrobe display

Built in shoe cabinets: What can they do for you?

Built in closets are particularly popular in Singapore – but what about a space dedicated just for shoes?

hanging pendant lights over dining table

Dining lights: What’s the best move?

Lighting a dining table can be more complicated than it seems. You want flattering, calming light – but also enough light to see your food or play games.

bay windows in HDB home

Transforming your home: Ten ideas to style your bay window

Bay windows have become more popular in HDB flats since their inclusion in the gross floor area of the house.

renovation contracts in singapore analysis

Everything you need to know before signing a renovation contract

Renovation contracts are notoriously difficult to navigate. Here are the most important things to understand, look out for, and include.

house plants indoor garden HDB living room

Five houseplants that will keep mosquitoes away

Mosquitoes are among Singapore’s most pesky bugs. Here are five natural mosquito repellents.

green velvet couch in living room with lamps

Living room lighting: Ceiling lights, track lights, hanging lights and more

Lighting a living room is essential to creating a welcoming space. Here are some of the best living room lighting ideas.

rustic vintage white bike with basket full of lavender at lavender field background

How to grow and care for lavender

Lavender is a beautiful plant to keep inside the home. It is easy to grow, low-maintenance, and smells incredible.

girl in green shirt washing walls with mop

The best ways to clean walls: how to get your walls sparkling again

Walls are somewhat worrying to clean because of the risk of damaging the paint. However, there are a few tried and tested methods that will keep your walls squeaky-clean without messing up the paint.

Scandinavian beige living room with rattan mirrors

Ten beautiful living room design ideas for HDB homes

The living room is the social center of your home. It is where you will entertain, spend time with family, and partake in the majority of your recreational activities.

hybrid laminate vinyl flooring BTO HDB apartment flat

BTO flooring Singapore: The ten best options

Choosing flooring for your BTO flat can be tricky. There are so many options available and each with their own unique profile. Here’s an outline of your best flooring options.