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built in green cupboard closet wardrobe HDB flat singapore traditional design

Built in wardrobes: Designs, ideas and prices

Built in wardrobes are a luxurious storage choice that allows you to fulfill your home organization potential.

screed concrete floor screeded grey smooth matte finish floor

Cement Screed flooring – Everything you need to know

What is cement screed and how is it made?

soundproof walls hdb flat singapore feature design funky aesthetic blue beautiful

How to soundproof a HDB flat

Even if you don’t make a lot of noise, soundproofing is a great way to take some pressure off your household and create your own peaceful oasis

cabinet handles with gold trimming gorgeous sophisticated pull handle

The best cabinet handles in Singapore

Cabinet handles are easy to overlook, but they play an integral part in unifying your interior décor

HDB balcony design ideas big balcony small

What to do with a HDB balcony flat: design ideas for large and small BTO balconies

Balconies are a rare luxury in modern Singapore apartments. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase a HDB balcony flat, don’t let it slip away.

indoor fiddle leaf fig plant in living room with beige couch decor

Caring for a Fiddle-leaf fig? Here’s everything you need to know

Fiddle leaf fig is a popular indoor houseplant for its stunning colour and lovely composition. Their maintenance needs are specific, but not extensive.

5 room hdb flat renovation ideas contractors

Renovation resale: Singapore’s most daring 5 room transformations

Many are turning to resale rather than BTO flats as wait times and prices continue to rise.

autonomous vacuum robo roomba living room carpet automatic robo vacuum robotic mop

Household robots: The best robo vacuums in Singapore

Like the invention of the dishwasher, robotic vacuums are poised to change the future of household chores.

white and blue cream accent wall colour combinations yellow blue and white decor ideas

Adding a splash of colour: The five best combinations for your bedroom walls

Colour is a huge part of bedroom design. It can inspire emotions, express personality, and even help with sleep.

automated automatic auto laundry system service yard manual remote

The future of cleanliness: what to look for in an automated laundry system 

Manually washing and hanging out laundry is one of the many tedious tasks of adulthood. Modern technology might be about to change that.