Janice Seow


two-bedder condo

A two-bedder condo with cave-like vibes

This condo unit may be a small two-bedder, but Rhiss Interior has given its owners just what they hope for – a cosy, cave-like dwelling with lots of storage and designs tailored to their lifestyle.

Christmas gifts

The Lookbox Edit: We pick the best Christmas gifts for this season

Want to know what to give your loved ones this Christmas? In this Lookbox Edit special, we pick five beautiful and thoughtful Christmas gifts that are great for the home.

apartment for hobbyists

The passion project

The owners of this Sengkang apartment are avid cyclists who also make a living selling cycling gear. Their home is similarly committed to their passions.


A compact home with clever storage solutions

Using colour as the main design element, arche° has transformed a sombre black-and-white condo unit into a warm and inviting abode with plenty of concealed storage.

Boho design

The allure of Boho Design and how to create the look at home

Rooted in a rich history and drawing inspiration from a myriad of cultures, boho design exudes a laid-back, eclectic charm that encourages creativity and self-expression. Find out how to incorporate it into your home.

BTO flat

A BTO flat with gorgeous curves

This serene BTO flat by Couple Abode enjoys a harmonious fusion of styles, and is all about comforting curves and homey vibes.

sophisticated apartment

This sophisticated apartment is the perfect escape

A major space replanning undertaken by Inizio Atelier has transformed a dull apartment into a bright and sophisticated oasis of relaxation.

loft apartment

Artful living in a minimalist loft apartment

Luxury is expressed through elegant details and bespoke designs in this remarkable loft apartment designed by Joey Khu ID.


Expanded condo living

Relishing a bigger family and entertaining space, the owners of this three-bedroom condo sought the expertise of MET Interior to open up their living and dining areas.

villa inspired home

A villa-inspired HDB maisonette to chill

Designed by Insight.Out Studio, this family maisonette with Balinese resort vibes also exhibits an unexpected fusion of colonial and farmhouse styles.