Weaver+Co Architects

Gable Park by Weaver+Co Architects

Playing with geometric form, Gable Park by Weaver+Co Architects explores the push and pull of public and private space in a suburban family home.

Mid-century nostalgia in House Northroy

A living contradiction at once resolute and regal, the stately brick base of this house by Dan Gayfer Design occupies a five-metre-wide block in Melbourne’s Fitzroy North. Inside, a Mid-Century refuge unfolds.

Back to the future in Double Bay

Channelling the zeitgeist of the 1970s, this Double Bay apartment is a modern reinterpretation of traditional design.

Barefoot House is a sublime oasis

Subtle details, lush greenery and elegant proportions amalgamate in this family home by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects, where a refined casualness reigns. Bare feet optional.

Finding balance in modernisation

With a clear divide between public and private areas and a strong design language, the Monolith apartment by Right Angle Studio strikes a balance between expressive material textures and muted, earthy colour palette.

House in Hunters Hill

Empty nesters get their dream home

There is an aspirational aesthetic to penthouse living that is almost impossible to achieve in a house. Unless, that is, you are Greg Natale.

Edge House has an essential connection to nature

The conceptual framework of this project by Dean Dyson Architects is rooted in principles of connection, wellness and sustainability.

LM Penthouse as a canvas for expression

Wynk Collaborative designed the LM Penthouse into an airy, modern sanctuary, with a focus on openness and versatility for a family of four.

An expansive home with intimate settings

Nickolas Gurtler Office redesigned the expansive dimensions of Elysium House, with an intimate atmosphere reminiscent of a true home, while seamlessly accommodating the cultural traditions of the clients’ Jewish faith.

Celebrating the rhythms of jazz

Much like the composition of a symphony, Toorak House 2 by K.P.D.O Architects creates a sense of rhythm through the arrangement of spaces.