Aditi Fernandes


The successful transformation of a tricky space in Hong Kong

A flat in Hong Kong has seen a drastic evolution – or indeed revolution – changing into a mixed use living and working space. It takes inspiration from the spatial design of communal village spaces. After all, as they say sometimes, it takes a village…

How to pick the best TV for Netflix

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A tropical Indonesian home built from the outside in

Mother Nature is the world’s best designer – a truth which local Indonesian architect Tamara Wibowo embraced in her latest residential gem in the city of Semarang.

These JBL speakers respond to ‘Okay Google’

This cool JBL x Google collaboration is smart, loud and immersive.

Old world glamour in this BTO flat

This humble HDB flat shows that you don’t need a huge space to live glamourously. The designer from D’ Initial Concept, who is also the homeowner, has always liked furniture pieces with a historical charm. His impressive collection of furniture has been put to good effect with his home’s well-curated style.

4 great air purifiers for cleaner, purer air at home

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A bright resale HDB flat with a relaxed vibe

Artistroom turned this dimly lit resale HDB flat on Havelock Road into an airy, comforting home.

Hotel style in a BTO flat

Coming home to this HDB flat is like checking into a hotel suite – it’s comfortable, stylish and accommodating. The homeowner’s occupation in the hotel industry was the factor that dictated the modern luxe style with dusky colours and spacious living areas.

4 designs you never thought you’d see on laminates

artäk, Lamitak’s new brand proves that new-age laminates can bring vibrant art and bold design into your home.

A mature condo that reflects sophistication

This home for a young family of three by D’ Initial Concept employs a masculine colour scheme and geometric design elements.