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Lookbox Annual 2017
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    Interior ideas and design inspiration for your home renovation


    Colour Blocking by Add Space

    The owners of this HDB flat wanted to inject a bit of colour into their lives

    Up and Above

    This penthouse at The Arte comes with a view of the soaring skyline and an equally impressive interior.

    Subtle and Surprising

    The designers at Ciseern by Designer Furnishings create a cosy home with touches of surprise and warmth.

    Accent Living

    Polish and luxury come in bite-sized portions in this flat by Plush Living.

    Spacious Designs by QuadWork

    Interior design company QuadWork gave this 4,000-sqft terrace house a warm and welcoming look

    Terrace House

    Big on Small

    Living large in a petite studio apartment is made possible by design firm Story of Us.

    Styling Tips From A 830sqft Condo

    3-bedroom condominium

    Shades of Red by Northwest Interior

    Northwest Interior proves that you can sparingly use colour in your home to make a huge impace


    Retreat into this three-storey terrace house that's an urban oasis

    This three-storey home has a unique layout to become a unique sanctuary for friends, family and the homeowners themselves

    Terrace house

    See how this 4-bedroom condo emphasises space by minimising furniture

    Thanks to the interior designers, this 4-bedroom condominium has clearly demarcated spaces that emphasise the spaciousness of the home

    4-bedroom Condominium

    A Subtle Cohesion

    This 1+1 condominium showflat uses clear glass and mirrors to achieve spacious look throughout the rooms.

    Luxe Treats by The Interior Place

    There is no arguing that having a 6,200 sqft of land on which to build your home is a true luxury in land-scarce Singapore.

    Semi-detached house

    Keep It Simple

    Meter Square goes down the route of the unfussy and unaffected for this home