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Lookbox Annual 2017
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    Interior ideas and design inspiration for your home renovation

    03 - The Interior Place (2 Bedroom Condo)

    Designers create brilliant multipurpose space out of a small 2-bedroom condo apartment

    Design firm The Interior Place make the most of a squeezy 2-room condo apartment with multipurpose storage space solutions

    Quietly Stylish by Dots 'N' Tots

    This home takes a subtle approach with its soft palettes and textures.

    4-bedroom Condominium

    In The Club by Free Space Intent

    This dramatic lounge-inspired interior is reminiscent of elite and swanky access-only nightclubs

    Time Tested by Habitat One

    One of the best assets to have in doing a renovation project is time. But when Habitat One was commissioned to design this apartment, time was not on their side. The interior design team still pulled off a renovation miracle

    4-bedroom Condominium

    Breaking The Pattern

    The HDB home doesn't look like any other, thanks to its reconfigured layout fresh perspective

    True Colours

    Linear Space Concepts deftly employs a variety of hues for an out-of-the-ordinary home.

    Laidback London

    This house takes inspiration from posh London residences and translates it into a restful abode

    The beauty of the English colonial style comes to life in this 3-bedroom apartment

    The D’ Initial designers replicated the beauty and sophistication of the colonial English style in this 3-bedroom apartment for a family of four.

    3-bedroom condominium

    Spatial Pursuits

    Ciseern proves that functionality and elegance are two sides of the same coin in this spacious home.

    Black and White Symphony by Northwest Interior

    A home with a monochrome palette need not be boring, as this home by Northwest Interior demonstrates.

    Chinese Speaking

    Sky Creation fashions an executive maisonette with an Oriental theme like a calligraphy master would brandish his brush - artfully.

    Young at Heart by Atelier Concept

    While more Singapore homes are picking up on the Scandinavian trend, this home goes a step further with an interior design that adds a playful twist to the look

    4-room HDB

    A New Identity

    Three-D Conceptwerke jazzes up the old with a sense of modernity, in this house at West Coast Road.