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  • Lookbox Living: Issue 51 out now

    The new issue of Lookbox Living is out on newsstands!

    This is The Relax Issue, where we look at the elements that makes home the ultimate space for rest and respite. One of the questions we asked ourselves in the making of this issue is, “What makes a house, a home?”. You know the feeling; you return home, step through the door and the tension on your shoulders is immediately lifted.

    So we looked at a few things beyond just the interior design, the space planning and the choice of furniture. We looked at the smaller details that can improve the quality of life at home (like where to place your power sockets), and we studied the intangibles that are often overlooked (like the sights, smells and sounds of your home).

    We also stepped inside five unique homes, each offering its own take on how to promote a more relaxing lifestyle. There’s the 5-room HDB flat that was gutted, hollowed out then rebuilt to house a giant wooden crate in its heart, and the three-storey inter-terrace house that has been transformed into a chic loft. And make sure you check out the cover project, a home that’s designed to spark joy with its matt surfaces, blue walls and brass accents.

    So make sure you pick up a copy of the magazine at bookstores, newsstands and petrol stations. And drop us a note to tell us what you think of this new issue!

    Thanks for reading!


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