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  • Condo apartment with a warm and timeless appeal

    See how Altered Interior has transformed an old resale apartment into a homely and timeless abode.

    Project Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit
    Floor Area: 1,583 sqft

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    Happy with the service they had received from Altered Interior for their previous home, a family of five decided to engage the same studio for their latest home purchase – an old resale 4-bedroom condo apartment.

    Condo apartment

    One of their main requirements was to have a spacious yet functional living space. To make this happen, the designers freed up floor space by building a full-height wall console with ample storage.

    condo apartment

    The dining room is designed to exude understated elegance and sophistication. A sense of modern glamour – thanks in part to the well-curated furniture and fittings – makes sit-down dinners a complete joy. A subtle feature wall cladded in muted coloured laminated panels backdrops this scene and also conceals the entrance to the storeroom.


    What was previously an enclosed kitchen with a poor flow of natural ventilation and light is now a picture of airy openness. The designers have removed the boundary wall that separates the kitchen from the rest of the home. And in the middle of this revamped kitchen sits a kitchen island with an overhead cabinet above for the display of the owners’ liquor.


    The master bathroom has undergone a drastic makeover. It now features a combination of dark grey stone and marble-look tiles, and the result is a look that’s timeless, classic and so on trend.

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