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An atmosphere of calm with a neutral palette

Project Type: 4-bedroom condominium
Floor Area: 1,700 sqft

When you stay in a home that’s surrounded by nature, and enjoys a deluge of sunlight, it’s best to take full advantage of this natural luxury. This condominium in East Coast enjoys a good view of the surrounding greenery, and benefits from its large open windows and a balcony that puts nature almost within reach. To fully capitalise on this, the designers at Artistroom employed clean lines and woody tones in the design theme.

It’s a simple and natural aesthetic, and the designers didn’t want to detract from that. After all, why fix something that isn’t broke? As such, this 4-room apartment has a minimalist-inspired design that relies on organic textures and a neutral colour palette. With only essential furniture filling up the space, the home is a picture of minimalism and order.


The large balcony in the living room serves as one of the main inspirations for the interior design. It looks out over the green vista outside and acts as a natural extension to this apartment. Should the homeowners require privacy, it can be closed off with bi-fold accordion doors with clear glass panels.


Elsewhere in the home, a the light neutral palette retains a sense of consistency. The kitchen is decked out in white cabinets and matching countertops. Overhead storage is kept to a minimum so that it doesn’t weigh down the overall look. The spacious kitchen allows for an island counter that provides a space for simple food preparation or to have a quick meal.


Similarly, the bedrooms are basking in neutral colours and materials. Over in the master room, the designers created a separate space for a study nook and the vanity area. Shimmery white tiles on the wall steal the show while rounded corners on the vanity counter imbue this space with a slight retro feel.


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