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  • A modern and contemporary kid-friendly home

    Project Creative has designed an executive condo apartment that’s not just quietly sophisticated, but one that can comfortably house a family with six kids.

    Project Type: 4-bedroom executive condominium unit
    Floor Area: 1,660 sqft

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    Space planning is an important consideration when renovating a home, but more so when you are a family with six kids. In this 4-bedroom executive condo apartment, the team from Project Creative have designed the living and dining area, and the kitchen as one open-concept space – thus providing the entire family with lots of room to roam. A colour palette of soft taupes, creamy whites and a glimmer of gold creates a soothing, contemporary look that’s easy on the eye.

    Executive Condo

    To create an intimate space for mealtimes, the dining area is positioned in a corner of the communal zone, and features a built-in bench and a solid-looking table. An arresting feature wall in honeycomb mosaic tiles draws the attention of all who enter the house.


    Another striking feature in this apartment is a floor-to-ceiling display case that runs the width of the living area. Clad in matt black and wood grain laminates, an illuminated by light strips, this multipurpose built-in holds the television set, a console, shelves for collectibles and storage drawers.


    To create a generous space for the children to rest, play and study, the designers have combined two bedroom to create one larger communal room. A workstation stands in the centre of the room, and comes with overhead cabinets and task lighting to provide the kids with a space conducive for study.

    Executive condo

    4-bedroom executive condo apartment
    Open Concept
    Project Creative

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