Eligere High Gloss Acrylic Panels from Sunyu

Achieve a modern look in your kitchen with the Eligere High Gloss Acrylic Panel from Sunyu. Each panel is crafted with a seamless edge that showcases the versatility and sophistication of the acrylic panel, making them perfect for modern homes.

Use these panels on surfaces such as the kitchen cabinets, wardrobes or doors for a sleek and polished look. 

The panels are available in solid, metallic and woodgrain hues, giving you endless possibilities to mix and match to achieve the right look for your interiors. But it’s not just good looks that make the Eligere acrylic panels stand out; they have water-resistant, scratch-resistant and weather-resistant qualities that make them extremely easy to maintain. In fact, simple cleaning using water, mild detergent and a soft cloth is all you need to do. For an extra shine, you can even apply car wax to bring out the glossiness of the panels.
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Address: 74 Sungei Kadut Street 1, Singapore 729374

Phone: 6363 6975


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