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Vän Hus Interior Design

At the very root of Vän Hus (pronounced vian-hus) Interior Design is a deep trust and friendship between its founders, Cheah Boon Boo and Roy Chong. The initial client-designer relationship grew to a friendship with Roy designed Boon Boo’s home a second time. Upon Boon Boo’s recommendation, Roy also designed and renovated the homes belonging to Boon Boo’s relatives and friends.

With such a deep-seated level of trust, it was only a matter of time that the close friendship eventually became a business partnership. In 2014, more than 10 years after Roy first did up Boon Boo’s home, Vän Hus Interior Design was born.

In Swedish, ‘Vän’ means friend and ‘Hus’ means house. Put together, ‘Vän Hus’ means friend’s house. The name not only adequately captures the friendship between the two founding partner, but also reflects the approach taken by this interior design firm towards their clients. Designers at Vän Hus treat each client as a friend and endeavours to design each project as they would for their loved ones.

This friendship-style partnership with clients allows Vän Hus to truly understand you and design a home that is customised not only to your preferences, but also filled with creative touches that you will love.

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