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The Orange Cube approaches its projects with a fine balance of logic and aesthetics, priding itself for creating lasting relationships between designer and homeowner. Design director Chris Koh and director Lee Chi Ho believe in the importance of providing excellent service to their customers. “We believe in foestering and nurturing bonds with our customers, and through them, we’ve developed a reputation for being an interior design company with impeccable service standards,” says Chi Ho.

Founded 13 years ago, The Orange Cube continues to gain recognition among homeowners and the design community for their quality work and responsible project management. This was made possible with a strong, supportive team. The directors ensure that they also nurture their relationship with their designers and the rest of the team. Senior design consultants Justin Wong, Karen Bohn, Selvina Lim and Annette Tan have each been with The Orange Cube for more than six years, and form the backbone of this tightknit company. They have all trained to become capable designers that you can trust with your homes. This foundation in design is integral to the success of The Orange Cube and is reflected in the design team’s passion and loyalty.

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