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Wayne and Candy Ng are two of the most recognised stalwarts in Singapore’s interior design scene. Leveraging on more than 21 years of experience, the founders of The Interior Place find themselves thriving in a competitive industry. The secret to the design firm’s success is pure hard work and focus. “We see ourselves as our only competition and that teaches us to keep improving. Combined with our knowledge and experience, we can deliver quality and satisfaction,” says Candy.

By engaging the services of The Interior Place to renovate your home, you can rest assured that service will go smoothly. For Wayne and Candy, the emphasis has always been on its design team’s wealth of experience. “One of our greatest strengths is our level of expertise. We know the industry well, and because of that, we strive to provide the best to every project we take on. We’re also adaptable, and we’re open to new ideas and suggestions.” Wayne goes so far to treat each residential project as if he’s the owner, allowing him to imbue functional design details, an abundance of creature comforts and a personal touch.

Having made their mark in interior design, Wayne and Candy are looking to diversify their portfolio. Tenacity, daring and versatility are the qualities that truly separate the exceptional designers from the mediocre ones. They’ve taken on a growing number of consultancy jobs, including overseas contracts that allow them to further expand their knowledge of design.

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