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Over the years, The Interior Library has become the undisputed leader in producing interiors that draw inspiration from the beauty and wonder of centuries-old architecture. Led by father-daughter duo Terry and Lisa Goh, the design team has perfected the art of the Victorian, Classical and European styles of interior design.

Whether it’s the lavishness of French mansions or the quaintness of countryside cottages, Terry, Lisa and the rest of the team are adept at turning modern homes into classical wonders. In fact, The Interior Library has become the go-to source that other design firms turn to when in need of similar materials, supplies, ideas and advice.

With a growing appreciation for a more understated look, Terry and Lisa are skillful in fusing their signature classic designs with a more modern aesthetic. Terry adds, “The simpler a home looks, the more detailed it has to be. For a home to look complete, you can’t hide the minute details. And that’s what we offer, sensitivity to the details.”

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