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It’s obvious that Mei Teh, principal design consultant at Story of Us, believes strongly in her work. “Interior design brings two very different individuals together and enables them to create a personalised space to share their lives together,” she says. It certainly gives meaning and purpose to the work of interior designers, especially so for the designers at Story of Us.

This meaningful attitude to interior design is the reason that this boutique interior design outlet continues to maintain a personal approach in their work, creating homes that clearly reflect the personalities of the homeowners. Story of Us is unequivocally dedicated to design, but more importantly, they are interested in helping you to express the rich stories that you want to tell through the spaces that you live in.

This is why the firm is clear on the need to engage clients in a dialogue throughout the design process, and consequently help its clients enjoy the process. All this is done so that the resulting home, like each individual, will be unique and distinct. For each project, the designers at Story of Us challenge themselves to come up with uniquely bold design features that stand out from the crowd. “The best part about being in the design industry,” Mei remarks, “is being able to create a statement piece.”

With such dedication and passion for interior design, it’s no surprise that many homes designed by Story of Us are statement pieces in their own right. As a result, most of the homeowners who engage Story of Us’ services are people who are fans of the design firm’s creativity. For each client who wants to explore something different and out of the box, Story of Us is excited to take on the challenge.

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