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Neu Konceptz

Neu Konceptz

Neu Konceptz started out in June 2013 as a close-knit team of three. Over the last few years, the interior design firm has taken utmost care in growing and nurturing its team. Today, Neu Konceptz comprises a dynamic 10-man team. Each person is trained in digital design and is capable of producing his own drawings and renderings, ensuring that each design proposal is accurately customised and prepared for you.

With growing expectations from homeowners and commercial clients, quality assurance has been on the top of Neu Konceptz’s priority list. “We have been working hard to give our clients a sense of assurance,” reveals John Chan, director and one of the three founders of Neu Konceptz. It’s because of this commitment to their work that Neu Konceptz has been able to maintain a high standard of quality and receive an expanding pool of referrals.

Looking forward, Neu Konceptz expects to see a maturing of the design scene. Already they are getting requests for less carpentry and cleaner looks. “Homeowners are asking for more minimalism in their design. There’s also less use of colour; maybe just one or two tones in the interiors,” John shares. With its fingers on the pulse of the industry, the dynamic team is anticipating and responding to the evolution of interior trends among local homeowners.

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