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M3 Studio has built a reputation for producing innovative designs that don’t compromise on functionality. Acknowledging the fact that design is constantly changing, managing director Montie Mahtani and his team have found themselves growing and evolving to suit the needs of the homeowners.

Montie shares that when his firm started out, the company was known for designing homes with a strong industrial vibe and that evoke strong feelings of nostalgia. But as the company continues to grow and expand, M3 Studio has started to incorporate elements of luxury into its designs. “We still stay true to our core, of course,” he says reassuringly. “We still provide the raw and grounded look, but we’ve also added a bit more elegance and class.”

This ability to cohesively blend dichotomies is just one of M3 Studio’s skills. Montie gives the pairing of cement screed with marble, as an example. “We’re not afraid to go to the extremes. We can take things from different ends of the spectrum and make it gel together.”

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