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Unlike many other interior design firms in Singapore, Living Gaia doesn’t simply offer simple, one-size-fits-all design. In fact, this is a design firm that is driven by the philosophy that a home should connect with its owners on a deeper level. It’s not just a matter of renovating a space – hacking floors, knocking down walls and planning spaces – it’s all about offering a unique way of approaching interior design.

Headed by Clive Tan, Living Gaia is composed of a team of talented designers. They consider depth, composition, scale and perspectives, looking at the renovation process from a more artistic point of view. ”I was an art major who specialised in sculptural art and so I want to bring that into my portfolio as an interior designer,” says Clive. “My team and I don’t look at homes the way most other interior designers do. In fact, we consider ourselves interior engineers, someone who can plan a space and come up with unexpected designs.”

As the creative force behind Living Gaia, Clive emphasises that design is driven by emotions, and not science. And this belief has quickly become the calling card for the design firm. “Why do what everyone else is doing? I prefer to come up with new ways of doing conventional things.” This unique design firm also places equal importance on matters of sustainability and environmental awareness. All of its designs incorporate green energy initiatives that benefit both the customers and the world itself.

At the end of the day, homeowners come to Living Gaia because they share the same vision: design concepts that can be appreciated on more than one level.

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