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In-Expat x Upstairs_

In-Expat x Upstairs_

In-Expat x Upstairs_ is the result of a unique partnership between builders and designers. This remarkable collaboration produces an interesting dynamic where interior design is more than just the renovation of a space. Operating as an all-in-one building and design consultancy gives the two autonomous firms the opportunity to execute creative projects while capitalising on each other’s areas of expertise.

Design studio Upstairs_ handles the majority of the spatial planning of both architectural and interior design, while In-Expat takes care of the building and construction aspects of the company. Collectively parked under the brand In-Expat, the talented team of designers, architects, builders and craftsmen can produce designs that are bold and innovative.

“We’re not followers of trends,” says creative director Dennis Cheok. “For us, it’s about finding new ways of articulating a space. We want to offer bespoke designs that you won’t find anywhere else.” One way In-Expat achieves this is with careful consideration of its material palette. Dennis shares that his team is always on the lookout for unexpected materials to incorporate into their designs. “Being at home is a tactile experience, and the materials we choose play an important role with how you feel when you’re at home,” he says.

For In-Expat, the appeal of the unexpected brings mystery and excitement to interior design, although it’s not just for the sake of being different. Design, according to this uniquely dynamic company, is simply a reflection of the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle.

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